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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 24, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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plus a big story all across the area is the heat. good evening. i'm lesli foster. and topper, did we make any records today? >> we might put some new numbers notice record books. let's start with the computer. right now temperatures still in the 90s even though we've seen some showers and thunderstorms roll through. we're looking at 98 down in richmond. 89 downtown. 90 still up in hagerstown. it feels like it's 93 in hagerstown, feeling like it's in the low 90s pretty much everywhere in the metro area but in fredericksberg it still feels 113. 98 at and 99 a new record at reagan national. and we're sure dulles tied at 95 for a record high. and now lets go to doppler 9000. and we talked about the watch. essentially just covering the folks in the south. and that said we do have some
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storms judgment popping up in charles county. and we still may have some big storms around la plata. and it will come down 6 and head toward mcandicsville. and we so we could storms to the west of la plata and we'll keep you posted on that. and in fact this is fort tobacco road and you'll see hail in the next five minutes. we'll come back and track that storm in more detail and show you where the watch has been trimmed now. now only southern maryland in the watch until 9:00. back to you. with the extreme heat you should be prepared for possible power outages. today a number of businesses in alexandria had little to no juice. peggy fox brings us their power struggle. >> reporter: because of the heat, dominion virginia power called in double crews to handle this break, which required difficult digging. >> it's stress on the cable, probably from the heat and the age of the cable.
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>> reporter: the break caused part of a transformer to blow leading to partial or no power in at least eight businesses in the bradley shopping center on king street. none of them has air- conditioning. >> right now, in the front it's 95 degrees. >> reporter: the pastry shop has a few refrigerators still working but all of the food in the others had to be thrown away. >> people keep coming in and asking for lunch and we don't have lunch to serve. >> i was wondering why there wasn't any cars in the parking lot and now i know. because the whole section has the power out. >> reporter: and there is not even a working plug for an adding machine. the starbucks gave up and closed and the chiropractor is unhappy he had to close. >> people are calling for emergencies and i can't see them today. >> reporter: and the dentist sent his staff home. >> we had to cancel a whole days worth of patients. nothing works when everything runs on electricity. >> reporter: some outages are due to the high demand and there are a lot individuals and
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businesses can do to reduce demand on days like this. >> if you don't need your lights on, turn them off. when you need to do laundry, do it after the high heat of the day. >> reporter: bradley shopping center is not expected to be restored until at least midnight n. alexandria, peggy fox, 9 news now. >> now if you experience a power outage don't rely on your neighbor to call the power company. dominion virginia power want to hear from as many people as possible to determine the scope and the location of the outage. well residents of the a d.c. apartment complex are back home after a gas leak forced them out into the heat. it happened at the garden apartments on p. street southwest. people from 24 units tried to cool off under the streets and in -- in the streets and under the trees. >> they are putting in a fence and they did hit an outside gas
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line. we did evacuate several buildings in the unit block of p. street as a precaution. >> it was nice of them to accommodate us from water and gatorade why the safeway within we a -- and we appreciate them doing that. >> and some passengers on metro had a pretty hot ride. the tsa is being asked to clean up its acts. a local woman claims agents humiliated her during a screening. as surae chinn reports the agents had to idea how to deal with a passenger with a prosthetic. >> reporter: it's a routine process for many of us going through airport security. it was anything but routine for peggy chenoweth on a recent home. she was at a california airport traveling with her 4-year-old son. >> he was upset that things were happening to mommy and he didn't know what they were.
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>> reporter: she was asked to remove her leg and put it through the screening. >> i don't think the general public realized how very personal an amputees limb is. it is like asking a person to go bare breasted. >> many expect to go through extra security screening but they have grown accustomed to inconsistencies. here at dulles there has been a positive example but wonders why others can be humiliating. according to amputation coalition of america she's not alone. 75% have had a bad experience with tsa members. officers receive expensive training are said to receive training. under no circumstances is it acceptable to ask his or her to
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remove her prosthetic. >> this happens to amputees all over the country every single day and that's what needs to change. >> reporter: surae chinn, 9 news now. >> the amputee coalition believes that tsa employees need more training. they say they are working with walter reed army medical center and other organizations to better understand and how to screen them. and breaking news out of prince george's county. police found a man shot in the 2400 block of corning avenue in fort washington. emergency crews took him to the hospital where he later died. police are calling this a homicide and they are looking for a silver four-door pontiac. we'll bring you an update tonight at 11:00. well spectators packed the courtroom and the overflow today for closing arguments in the conspiracy trial of three men accused of covering up the murder of d.c. lawyer robert
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wone. defense attorneys argued the prosecutor's case was based on presumption and inu endoand all the roommates did was try to help a friend stabbed in their home by an intruder. prosecutors say we don't know who murdered robert wone but they do and they lied. the judge has said tuesday at 11:00 a.m. as the time to announce her verdict. a silver spring family is mourning the loss of two brothers. the mohammed brothers were killed during a car crash. they were wearing seat belts but the two women riding with them who were not strapped in survived. they were both college students with bright futures. >> two model sons for any man to be proud of. i think the toughest thing right now to deal with is the disbelief that something like this could happen to those two. >> police say their dark blue nissan sentra jumped a curb and slammed into a utility. it's not clear what caused the
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cash. police is a so far this year 25 people have been killed in car crashes and that's up from 15 this time last year. wy anna michelle ballard went to a pool trying to beat the heat but soon after tragedy struck. her body was pulled from the pool at turkey thicket rec center. she later died in the hospital. the rec center said all children underage 6 are required to be reason arm's reach of a parent or adult and must pass a swim test before going into the deep end. >> there is always life guards around. and when i heard about this, i really cant want to swim there no more because i thought i wouldn't be safe. i feel bad for the girl who died. >> for every 50 people at the pool there is one life guard and witnesses say she was in the deep end alone and it appeared as if she did not know how to swim. police are still investigating what led to the drowning.
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new at 6:00, the search for a missing woman. she is 63-year-old katherine jones. this is her picture. she disappeared monday night from her home in northern virginia. police tell us jones has a medical condition that might have caused her to become disoriented. if you think you have seen this woman, please contact fairfax county police. emergency crews work their way through a rushing river to rescue two stranded children. plus a look at the traffic around the beltway. we'll tell you about the hot spots to avoid when you hit the road tonight. and topper -- >> no pun intended with those hot spots. we have the final numbers for you today. a lot of records we'll take you out to live doppler. big thunderstorms developing in charles county. and this is crossing over la plata and heading off to the south and the east and we'll come back and talk about the potential of hail in that storm and track other storms and talk about a quick break in the heat.
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we're talking about problems in alexandria, patranya. >> two accidents which i see one has cleared, this is on seminary road and fillmore. i believe this one has cleared but we have another one on echos that might cause lane shutdown. so if you know anyone heading home on this stretch, you might want to take 236 to avoid the potential mess. at 495, if as we look at river road, can't escape delays from american legion bridge to land over road in maryland. we'll see delays. all lanes are open no. accidents that we're seeing right now. but everyone going way below speed. we have a computer alert to tell you about as well. later on tonight billion bridge will shut down. inner loop and outer loop, only one lane in both directions will be open after 10:00 for the wilson bridge project. at the braddock road interchange, after 11:00 crews
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will shut down all lanes there for crews to remove a old gas line there. so that's disrupting traffic for those who are on a late- night shift later on tonight. but all lanes on the inner loop and outer loop in virginia should reopen by 5:00 for rush hour on friday morning. so there is definitely something to watch out for, but leslie, a busy night on the roads tonight. and coming up in a consumer alert. one advocacy alert warns the dangerous in the gulf is a deadly bacteria and not the oil. nearly all oysters are contaminated with a bacteria. it can be fatal for people who have diabetes, liver disease or compromised immune systems. the cspi is advised at-risk groups not to eat raw oysters from the gulf. well the cap is back on the gushing oil well in the gulf but coming up after the break,
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why one lawmaker is pushing to stop the president's moratorium on off shore drilling. but first a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> the federal government said thousands of national guard troops stand ready to help combat the oil disaster so why are so few being asked to work? tonight only on the cbs evening news. [ beeping ]
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♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. this just in. republicans of the senate have defeeled a -- defeated a bill to continue jobless benefits for unemploy workers. that would have provided billions of dollars in new aid protecting the jobs of tens of thousand of state and local workers. as an insurance policy against a double-digit recession. now republicans say the bill would have added $30 billion to the deficit. we turn now to the disaster in the gulf of mexico and the current worse case estimate of the amount of oil in the gulf
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is anywhere from 67 to 127 million gallons. meanwhile a federal judge in new orleans has refused to delay his decision to strike down a six month moratorium on deepwater drilling. the justice department had asked the judge to stay his ruling while it appeals to the 5th u.s. circuit court of appeals. senator maryland rue sides with the judge and argued that a moratorium would create a problem in other places. >> if our government drives our production off our shores we justin crease misery in places we have no control of. i caution us before we move forward. >> while the -- well the disaster began when a deepwater horizon exploded killing 14 workers. we're looking across the nation. >> it's weird. >> in indiana a woman is under
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arrest accused of stabbing a couple while trying to kidnap their newborn baby. the father was able to fight the woman off and hold her down until police arrived. the woman had a miscarriage and was going to take the baby and claim it as her own. in california, a carnival employee lost his leg in a rollercoaster accident. fire officials say that worker was on the track when a train of cars hit him and severed his leg. no one else was hurt. why that worker was on the tracks while the ride was operating is now under investigation. and in minnesota, rescue crews had to save two children after they became stranded on the rocks in the st. louis river. the pair had been hiking with their father when they tried to cross the river. when the current got too strong for the kids, the father swam to shore for help. no one was hurt. amazingly. well the wizards hope tonight is the beginning of a new era. dave owens is standing by at the verizon center as the team prepared for its nba draft. hi, dave. >> reporter: what's up, lesli. on june 10th the team hoped
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they made a move to lead to the same kind of success, i'm talking about making this guy, ted leonsis the majority owner. thank you for taking time with us. your head must be spinning. you were with the caps a couple of months ago. are you going through a lot? the first pick in the draft? what is your mindset? >> i'm trying to major in the majors. keep focused on each task in front of us. and tonight is the nba draft and tomorrow is the nhl draft. last night was the nhl awards ceremony. it's a busy couple of days. >> how do you know -- and i know casual fans at home might be thinking this -- how do you manage two teams? >> i don't watch any television or play any video games. i spend time with my family and it's all about work. >> and in the last couple of weeks you have embraced gilbert arenas and gone out of your way to do that. number one why? and number two, do you think by doing that it's made it easier for some people to bring him
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back and make that more palatable to them? >> it's my personality to be a healer. and i like gilbert and i think he's a good man and a great player and talent rules in the nba and everyone is out trying to get great players and we have one and so let's embrace him and have him focus on his health and working out and flow him in and see how he does. >> and i was talking to flip saunders a few minutes ago and there is moving and shaking going on and it's draft night. there are reports that the chicago bulls will be sending kirk behind rick to the wizards. you can confirm any of that right now? >> no. >> you're not going to break news for us? >> no. i think we should be focused for the first pack in the cast and then 30 and 35. and whatever happens during the night and coming days -- but fans should know we are committed to improving the team. >> reporter: you have talked before that you will build this team kind of the same fashion that you've done with the washington capitals, through
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the draft. but you can't ignore there is a big free agency splash coming up soon. how do you weigh those two things? >> i don't think we're one player away from being a championship contender. and i think we have to do the hard work. we have to build infrastructure, draft well and last night and first round all- stars were picked in the same draft. and i think you get great players and build around them but there is no magic wand or easy fix and the primary tool you have at your disposal is the draft and we have the first pick. so that gives us an advantage. >> reporter: ted leonsis, new majority owner of the washington wizards. that sounds great to you and the fans out there. appreciate you spending time with us tonight. i know you have a busy night. good luck coming up here in a couple of seconds. that will do it for the verizon center. and back to you. coming up at 7:00 we'll continue to get you ready for the nba draft. don't forget, coming up later on tonight, brett haber will be
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in new york. so we have it covered from all different angles but for now back to you in the studio. after the break topper will have your forecast and there may be a break in there for us. stay with us.
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and here its your forecast first. a little bit of a break tomorrow in the heat. marley in the humidity. 89 and sunshine. 92 on saturday. the heat returns then. and scattered thunderstorms on saturday and the heat returns on sunday. back to the mid to upper 90s with only isolated thunderstorms on sunday. the watch has been trimmed now. it till includes our friends in southern maryland and southern sections of charles and calvert and st. marys county and that's probably a good thing. we'll show you live doppler 9000. we talked about you are clear if you are north and west of town and not if you are south and east of town. big thunderstorms in the --
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across the delmarva, headed for rehoboth beach. we'll concentrate on these sections of charles county and toward hughesville. earlier these were heavy and there was hail. they don't have hail but there are good rains and they are headed toward birch at 6:42. and it will produce heavy rain, 1-2 inches per hour, acourse toward st. leonard. this storm is across the bay. this did have some hail and still has heavier rain toward prince frederick but that is across the bay. and back to the computer. and we'll talk about the forecast. the watch up south and east until 8:00 but otherwise partly cloudy and mild. 68 to about 74, winds become northwesterly at 10-15. temperatures are down a little bit. 89 at national, still 93 up in baltimore. and 90 in hagerstown and still 86 in cumberland. so the front is actually south and east of gaithersburg and manassas. don't expect a huge drop in the
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temperatures. you'll notice more comfortable air though. these records are official. 100 today at national. 100 at bwi. first time we've hit the century mark in three years, since '07. and 97 for a new record high at dulles, breaking the old record of 95 set back in 1966. up to the mountains they did not make a record. tomorrow morning mostly sunny and pleasant. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. winds out of the northeast at about 10. air quality improves, going to code yellow which is moderate. and by afternoon, mostly sunny and very warm and less humid. temperatures near 90 and winds out of the southwest at about 10. and sun going down at 8:37. all available zones on our website at a beautiful day if oakland at the upper 70s. west of the divide tomorrow you will not make 80. 85 with sunshine in cumberland. mid-80s for hagerstown and
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winchester. culpeper still low 90s but an improvement. still less humid. upper 80s for warrenton and manassas and leesberg. an upper 80s downtown and 90s down to the south. andrews, la plata and also into southern maryland. upper 80s for annapolis. no advisories for the bay or title potomac. 89 tomorrow and less humid. and then the heat does return. low 90s on saturday and mid to upper 90s on sunday. and a good chance for storms on monday. and dry and cooler into the latter part of next week. still upper 80s on tuesday but mid-80s on wednesday and look at the sunshine on wednesday and temperatures only around 80. and the folk life festival kicked off today and runs today through the 28th and again the 1st through the 5th in july on the mall. good stuff. >> a little bit of a great. that sounds great. it's coming tomorrow. it's it for


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